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Energy efficient lighting

With the advance in lighting technology, lighting manufactures have designed new products that have recently become very popular, with the use of LED technology massive energy saving are possible in the home. Lighting accounts for 8% of the average domestic energy bill according to the Energy Saving Trust, a typical example is shown below.
Halogen down lights have been common place in our homes over the last 15 years, which use allot of energy. Replacing a 50W halogen bulb with a 6W LED bulb will save around £4.00 per year or £70.00 over the life time of the bulb, this surely has to be worth considering. There are also other benefits.
As an electrician working in people homes, I notice large amounts of halogen down lights. these became popular due to high light output and being able to cover all areas of the room. many of these have blown bulbs, defective transformers or function intermittently due to poor connections from overheated terminals. All of this can be solved with the use of LEDS.
Look at the comparison of service life of the following.

Type of bulb Average life span

LED 30,000 – 50,000 hours
Compact fluorescent 8000 – 10000 hours
Halogen 4000 – 8000 hours
Incandescent (filament light bulb) 1000 – 2000 hours

Due to the lower energy being consumed, the heat output is much lower, this also makes cable terminations into the fittings much more reliable.
As your local electrician in New Malden, one of our many electrical services we are able to offer is a free energy survey for your domestic lighting, and provide you with a free full written quote for your new energy efficient lighting.

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